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When to Repipe Your Home

Repiping a home is not an easy undertaking, and therefore it requires proper planning. It is also important to do it when it’s completely necessary. This means that you have to tell when small repairs are necessary and when to do a full replacement. Although these decisions should be made by a professional plumber who … Read more

Keeping Your Wastewater System Running Well

Also referred to as septic systems, wastewater systems are the most overlooked components of any residential property, even though they are the most important functional elements of any home. Although most homeowners in the United States have septic systems, very few know where their septic tanks are located. Furthermore, very few homeowners know how to … Read more

Advances in Air Conditioner Coolant Technologies

While some people look forward to enjoying the summer sun and the comfort of cool, air-conditioned rooms, others dread their high summer energy costs. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) claims that air conditioners across the United States consume an estimated 1.28 quadrillion British thermal units, almost 39 million homes’ electricity use in a year. … Read more

What to Know About Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Ductless mini-split air conditioners have become very popular in America mainly because of their ability to link every room to an outdoor compressor. With this air conditioner, you will maintain the right temperature in your house regardless of the weather outside. However, before you install this type of air conditioner in your home or office, … Read more

Act Fast If You Think You Have a Gas Leak!

Knowing how to stay safe around natural gas is very important. Many fire accidents happening in American homes are caused by gas leaks. If you use gas for cooking and heating your house, you need to be aware of the important steps to take when you have a gas leak. This will help you to … Read more

Quick Action to Take If You Get a Leak

Your home’s plumbing system is supposed to allow water to flow in and out of the house freely without leaking. So, any sign of a leaking pipe should have you worried. But since even the best plumbing materials wear off over time, you should always be prepared for leaks. Knowing what to do when your … Read more

2 Ways to Get Water to Your Garden

Are you wondering how much water you should give your garden or how often you should water it? You are not alone. Many people with kitchen gardens don’t know how they should water them. But it is not so difficult. This article discusses the two main ways to get water to your garden. But before … Read more

Common Kitchen Plumbing Issues

One of the main causes of concern for most homeowners in America is plumbing issues in their houses, especially in the kitchen. If the plumbing system in your kitchen is not working properly, it means that you will have frequent cases of flooded sinks, leaky taps, and other serious disasters. So, it is important to … Read more

When is the Best Time to Check Your Home’s Heating System?

Most homeowners in America do not think about their heating system until the temperatures plunge in the fall. Unfortunately, you will be shocked to discover that your heating system doesn’t work when the cold season is already underway. This will not only expose you to cold-related health complications but will also cost you more money … Read more